For Democrats the process is a bit trickier. Though he outraised Clinton in January, Sanders ended the month with $14.7 million in the bank. You know the type: romantic idealists who've fallen for their candidate's no-nonsense attitude and bold progressive agenda; starry-eyed optimists who want it all, who vehemently defend their candidate's pie-in-the-sky chances, evidence be damned. There were 641 votes cast for Clinton and 605 for Sanders on the Democratic ballot. Sanders has long said he would like for there to be debates in which candidates from both parties participate.

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. She suggested that, if I did read them, I would lump majority collectively together and add them to the long list of reasons I don't self-identify as a feminist.

In addition to all of that evidence of effectiveness, Clinton said, "I think it would be a good thing to have the first woman president". Her opponent Vermont Sen. Across the South, he lost to Hillary Clinton by huge margins: forty-three per cent in Georgia, fifty-nine per cent in Alabama, thirty-two per cent in Texas, and twenty-nine per cent in Virginia. Instead of the 33%, 35% and 39.6% rates in today's code, they'd be subject to rates of 39.2%, 45.2%, 50.2% and 54.2%, depending on how high their income goes. Powers that be have zero control of the yuck on the Republican side, though.

Rubio has defended his string of second and third-place finishes by arguing he has a path to victory that focuses on the post-Super Tuesday states, including his native Florida.

So when it came to which party to enroll in, I was honestly torn. Yet, the exit polls show that Sanders did quite well with a number of demographics traditionally associated with the Republican Party - or at least outside the core Democratic coalition.

"Senator Sanders doesn't talk much about foreign policy, but when he does it raises concerns", Clinton said days before the Iowa caucuses in January.

Iran sentences tycoon to death
Zanjani amassed a fortune of $10 billion, along with debts of a similar scale, the tycoon once told an Iranian magazine. Mr Rouhani's oil minister Bijan Zanganeh urged investors to deal directly with his ministry and avoid third parties.

After seven years with President Barack Obama in the White House, Democrats are happier than Republicans with the federal government.

And he ignored the reality that there are no real signs the Republican establishment likes him any more than Trump. "I think it's a little too easy to identify a problem like that when you really don't have a realistic solution for how to change it".

That sounds like code for "you can't call us losers based on this one election cycle". Hardline conservatives - including outside groups financed by the Koch brothers, who have labeled it a tool of crony capitalism - have fought to shut it down, while Democrats and business-aligned Republican leaders have found legislative tools to keep it open. So when we talk about one third of Republicans supporting Trump, we are talking about one third of the smallest voting block in our country.

Clinton spoke with voters outside the polling location before heading inside with Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, a Hillary Clinton supporter, and again greeted voters.

"We have had for the last 25 years disastrous trade policies".

A report from the Tax Policy Center, which is a joint venture of the left-leaning Brookings Institution and Urban Institute, reveals that Sanders' plan would raise taxes by an average of 34 percent. The next closest threats in the Republican race were Ted Cruz, with 703 votes, and John Kasich, with 676 votes. That means they play much less of a role than Democratic superdelegates. This will be the former president's first visit to Lincoln.