Marco Rubio tallied his first win of the primary season, garnering 37 percent of the vote in a five-way contest on the Republican side. Clinton's unpopularity with Republican voters in Alabama is overwhelming; turnout will be different in November than it was in March; and down-ballot Alabama Republicans have compelling interests to fall in line and support the eventual nominee.

"I have a great deal of respect for the voice of the American people", she said. "We have to make America whole", she added, before making a plea for more "love and kindness" in American society.

"Hillary has shown real strength in the Super Tuesday voting, establishing an impressive foundation going forward in the delegate race", said Jeff Berman, Clinton's delegate guru.

Meanwhile, Sanders supporters have charged Clinton backers with using accusations of sexism to dismiss legitimate criticism of the former secretary of state. I think a lot of the markers have been laid on a lot of what the core contrasts are on this campaign.

What'd be more plausible - though, again, still incredibly unlikely - is that Bentley, Rep. Mo Brooks and others spearhead a massive "Anybody but Trump" movement and Clinton pulls 30 to 50 percent from each individual candidate's support base. Neither Sanders nor Clinton is likely to be able to push the key points of a black agenda through an obstructionist Congress, just as President Obama could not get the number one issue on the Hispanic agenda - immigration reform - through Congress.

Sanders trails by almost 200 delegates. How will we confront climate change?

Jay Morris, 24, of Oklahoma City, has $72,000 in student debt and no job.

Sanders says the current minimum wage is too low and he will work to increase it to $15 an hour over the next several year. "I think she's completely entrenched in the political machine", he said.

Iranian moderates win majority in parliament, clerical body
Khamesian said the president could count on parliament's support to drive through economic reforms and expand social freedoms. The 76-year-old underwent prostate surgery in 2014, leading to renewed speculation about the state of his health.

Michelle Williams, 20, a natural resources student, didn't pay attention to politics until the hashtag #FeeltheBern began popping up in her social media feeds. He then went on to win the general election. "And for us, it's really important because we are refugees who have settled here 10 years ago", said Mukeba, who just finished a master's degree program at the Vermont Law School and is unemployed.

Clinton's top aides are well aware that given Sanders' fundraising prowess and deep liberal support, he isn't going to drop out anytime soon. "She's been there for so long", he said.

Sanders thanked cheering supporters in his hometown of Burlington, Vermont, and also targeted the Republican front-runner.

Those Republicans in competitive races where Trump is controversial are unlikely to ever back the reality star, and many rank-and-file GOP members might simply sit on the sidelines until the convention in July with the hope that there is a longshot effort to deliver the nomination to someone other than Trump.

He worries whether he'll be able to have the same life as his parents, a librarian and part-time teacher who own a house in a nice San Diego, California, neighborhood.

Both victors spoke from Florida, which did not vote on Tuesday, but where the general election is often won or lost.

In her match up against Sanders, her relationship with Wall Street has been one of the thorniest topics. "You feel kind of forced".