China will never allow the tragedy of Taiwan being "split" off from the rest of the country to happen again, state media today quoted President Xi Jinping as saying, offering a strong warning to the island against any moves towards independence.

Fu told a news conference the actual figure would be released on Saturday, when the annual session of China's largely rubber-stamp legislative body opens.

Government's reading on the growth rate last year was 6.9 percent, due to the expected of this year it seems like a dip on the economy is coming, which would be noticed around the global economy outlook. The China Labour Bulletin, a research group in Hong Kong, reported 2,606 labor disputes previous year, almost twice as many as 2014’s 1,379.

Mainland China executive chief Li Keqiang on Saturday reiterated mainland China's stance against Taiwan's "separatist" movement, but observers said there were some subtle changes to his rhetoric that reflected Beijing's concerns over the election victories for Taiwan's pro-independence party.

She has acknowledged the significance of ground-breaking meetings between Taipei and Beijing negotiators in Singapore in 1992, but has rejected the term "1992 Consensus", which the Kuomintang coined to refer to an agreement concerning "one China" that both sides reached in Singapore more than two decades ago. That was down from last year’s “about 7 percent” and reflects the ruling Communist Party’s marathon efforts to replace a worn-out model based on trade and investment with more self-sustaining growth driven by consumer spending.Li, the country’s top economic official, warned that China faces “more and tougher problems, ” including weak export demand.

BEIJING-China gave itself wiggle room in lowering its economic growth target this year, though it still set the pace at a relatively high 6.5% to 7%, suggesting the government prefers buoying the slowing economy to more painful retrenchment.

Xi Jinping said the government will resolutely contain

Many in China are deeply suspicious of Tsai.

Li said the country will create 10 million new jobs, address zombie firms through mergers, bankruptcies and debt deals, and hold the urban registered unemployment rate below 4.5 percent in 2016. Li targeted "good or excellent" air at least 80 percent of the year for major cities by 2020.

There were looming issues facing China that were of interest to global investors and observers that Li did not touch on.

Stressing the need to safeguard China's sovereignty and territorial integrity, he said that Beijing's policy toward Taiwan "has been consistent and clear and will not change because of political changes in Taiwan".

In his remarks, Xi reiterated China's self-declared bottom line that Taiwan's government must accept a 1992 formulation agreeing that Taiwan is part of China. Regulators will crack down on financial fraud and illegal activities in the markets to prevent future "threats", he said.

According to the 13th five-year plan from 2016 to 2020, the project is scheduled to be completed in 2030.

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