On Saturday, Sanders grassroots supporters gathered at Forsyth park to rally in favor of their presidential candidate.

Some Clinton backers, emboldened by the heightened chance of a Trump nomination, have reaffirmed their support for the former secretary of state, saying that it is she, not Sanders, who is best equipped to take down Trump in a head-to-head showdown in November. In fact, recently in my hometown, there was a large and well attended rally in support of Sanders. And coupled with this Nevada loss - where he lost black voters by more than 50 points - it could resign him, from this point forward, to what is essentially a protest candidacy.

Clinton heads into Super Tuesday leading in most of the 11 states, several of which have large minority populations.

Oh, sure, he'll notch some wins on Tuesday - in his home state, perhaps in MA - but SC demonstrated clearly what lies ahead.

The former secretary of state's victory decisively established her strength among black voters, a crucial Democratic constituency who make up more than half of the party's primary electorate in SC.

"You sent a message that, in America, we stand together", she said.

"We got decimated, that's what happened", Sanders said on ABC, though he promised to continue his campaign against what he describes as a political and economic oligarchy.

Like Clinton, Trump has won three of the four early voting contests. Trump meanwhile is looking for big wins across the board.

The Globe editorial board recently published an editorial urging MA independents to vote in the Republican primary to cast a vote against Donald Trump.

Rubio tells CBS' "Face the Nation" that if Trump wins the nomination, "it will split us and splinter us in a way that we may never be able to recover and the Democrats will be joyful about it".

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson will be in Virginia Beach on Monday for a forum at Regent University.

The GOP candidates insulted one another on Saturday, with Cruz asking parents if they would be happy with their children speaking profanities in the way the brash Trump does, while Rubio mocked the real estate mogul as a con artist that had the worst sprayed on tan in the U.S. Remarkably, this trend does not make much sense considering that SC has one of the highest rates of fewer wealthy African American voters. And for days his campaign has focused on other states, moving to places such as Missouri and Oklahoma and largely ceding the southern states set to vote on Super Tuesday.

Though Saturday's turnout was low, Clinton allies quickly touted the breadth of her victory.

Six in 10 white women supported Clinton, while a majority of white men said they voted for Sanders. Sanders carried the 17 percent of voters who wanted the next president to implement more liberal policies. She beat Obama there by more than 40 points in 2008. Bernie Sanders has shown that he can inspire individuals to actually come out and vote.

Clinton defeated Sanders by a 74-26 margin. Clinton won 84 percent of the black vote, while Sanders only garnered 16 percent. He reported raising more than $36 million in February and hoped to break the $40 million mark before the end of the day, a sign that he will have the money to go deep into the spring. Clinton will still have to finish the job of securing the nomination before the race will be in the books.

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