Inside the core system is a PlayStation VR headset, necessary cables, stereo headphones, and a Demo Disc.

The same is true of Oculus with its Rift headset and HTC with its competing Vive hardware.

The VR unit will feature a 5.7-inch OLED, 1920x1080 resolution screen.

Virtual reality in gaming used to be a Holy Grail that remained a dream, considering all the risks, issues and downsides towards developing the technology. He mentioned that around 230 developers have been tasked to release these games, which include some major titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront.

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Similar events took place just minutes ago when the PlayStation VR Bundle hit the US Amazon store where it sold out within under 20 minutes.

Available in the United States from today (March 22nd), the bundle will cost $499 and includes PlayStation Camera, two Move controllers, PlayStation VR Worlds and a Playroom VR digital download.

The good thing about the development process is not necessarily the competition with other companies developing VR technology. The base headset (or "Core") price - that is sans tracking camera and PlayStation Move controllers - was set at $399 but to experience everything PSVR has to offer (and, frankly, so you're not feeling queasy the moment you put it on) you're going to need those extra components. The appearance of the product remains the same with minor increments such as nine LEDs that aid in 360-degree head tracking.

Prior to the launch of the device, executive vice president of PlayStation Masayasu Ito already revealed in an interview with Polygon that although its competitor, Oculus Rift, may have a better virtual reality quality, the PlayStation VR is easier and more accessible to use, especially for those who already own the console.