It was always my hunch that MyRoll felt more like a feature than a standalone app and would be acquired by a bigger company at some point - Google was top of my list of potential suitors, but in the end MyRoll was acquired by security software giant AVG late a year ago. Google Photos isn't asking you to any longer, and will now create "smart albums" based on location and time. Although changes are being pushed out today, it doesn't guarantee that all users will see these changes in Google Photos today. And if you prefer to create your own albums, any album can now be customized with maps, location pins, and text captions.

This seems like a mashup of the albums and story feature. It makes it easier to share your memories with others, as well as have a record of these trips not mixed together with the rest of your photos. You'll also be able to add captions to the snaps and give the album a title. In the past, Google did add a new feature called Auto Awesome which let them put their neural nets to work on automatically enhancing your photos, but the feature was later removed and rebranded into Creations. To date, stories have been more interactive, and featured a scrolling, panorama-type experience, whereas albums have worked more like you'd expect if you're familiar with other photo solutions.

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According to a report from Wired, the company uses machine learning to detect elements that are often associated with good photos, and it will also eliminate any duplicates.

The updated albums are rolling out beginning today on Android, iOS and the web. Actually, that is what it offers.