With the NFL Draft fast approaching and rumors growing about a possible trade of backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, the New England Patriots have started talking about extending quarterback Tom Brady's contract. But with that being said, there is no denying the facts. He said: "I don't ever want to play for another coach".

Writing that made me nauseous, but I can not live in denial any longer. After being down by 19 points in the fourth quarter, Brady led the Patriots to an overtime victory against the Falcons.

Zoo Atlanta "honored" Tom Brady by naming a baby cockroach after him in recognition of a Super Bowl bet it lost to another zoo in Rhode Island.

Along with watching the greatest quarterback of all time, I truly believe that we witnessed the greatest Super Bowl of all time as well. Now, those things can always change. They really make it an all-out production. And that would be the inclusion of politics. The Pats have plenty of cap space available to give him an extension that might pay him more money over those three seasons (Spotrac has them almost $63 million under the cap as of this writing) while also extending the deal out closer to his 45th birthday, which is a date he's previously referenced as one he wants to reach. While McCourty was well reasoned in his decline to visit, running-back LeGarrette Blount, who led the National Football League in rushing touchdowns, was more succinct on the matter: "I will NOT be going to the White House". Being able to escape all of the division in the country for a few hours was very refreshing and much needed for all. Super Bowl 51 proved it. Years ago, I found it hard to find time to take bathroom breaks during the Super Bowl. For one, when you're playing, you're so consumed with being good.

Real Madrid ready all guns for Napoli, Arsenal look to reverse fortunes
The lead lasted 10 minutes as Real drew level when Dani Carvajal's arrowed cross was headed powerfully into the net by Benzema. Man for man, no other team in the competition has such quality and strength in depth, except maybe perhaps Bayern Munich.

'You have your family and you can go to work and focus on your job. Although connecting people I trust to problems they know how to solve is one of my favorite things to do, my priority here is to inspire the idea that you can be a better leader and empower your ability to make it happen-starting today.

Seattle Seahawk fans are not getting off easy either.

According to Yahoo Sports News, Tom Brady will be asked about his retirement every year until he finally steps aside, but he doesn't seem to mind.