For their part, all day, South Africans speculated what the trans-Atlantic call between Trump and Zuma could entail, from the serious to the downright absurd, like both presidents' questionable gender relations to their insistence on keeping their adult children close to the corridors of power.

According to the White House schedule, Trump will talk with Buhari at 1445 UTC, followed by a call with South African President Jacob Zuma at 1510 UTC.

The Presidency says President Jacob Zuma and his USA counterpart Donald Trump have reaffirmed their commitment to strengthening the already strong bilateral relations between the two countries.

While it's not exactly out of the ordinary for a president to call another, this little news bite hasn't gone unnoticed by South Africans.

He noted that the North West had the highest unemployment rate in South Africa at 44.6%, and that the people of Gopane, Zeeruse, where the statue would be erected, are in critical need of services.

FDA approves muscular-dystrophy drug costing $89000 in the US
Marathon said that as of now just around seven to nine percent of those afflicted with Duchenne have access to deflazacort. Prednisone, another steroid, is frequently prescribed for the disease though it does not have official FDA approval.

Crucially, Trump also signaled a change in tack from recent U.S. foreign policy by suggesting he is ready "to cut a new deal in helping Nigeria in terms of military weapons to combat terrorism". It was the first conversation between the two leaders since President Trump's inauguration last month.

The call to President Buhari was expected to be at 9:45 am Washington time (3:45 pm Abuja time).

The two presidents head Africa's largest economies. It is however alleged that Trump's first physical meeting with an African leader was reported to be with the Republic of Congo's Denis Sassou Nguesso in January, days before he took office.

Thierry Moungalla disclosed via Twitter that there was a meeting scheduled between Sassou and Trump.