A drug catapult used to throw drugs into Arizona from Mexico was found on the Mexico side of the border fence last week during a routine border patrol.

I spoke with Rob Daniels with U.S. Customs and Border Protection who tells me, after a bit of welding, U.S. agents were able dismantle the catapult system - which was then seized by Mexican authorities.

The device taken by border agents last week was constructed of square tubing welded to a heavy spring, with rope tied around parts of it, CNN reported. A catapult system was attached to the fence and two bundles of marijuana were located in the area, too.

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Mexican drug smugglers have turned to propelling their products across the border into the USA, but will these devices be able to surmount Pres. Trump's planned border wall?

They searched the area and found the drugs nearby. It was seized by Mexican authorities, while the agents seized the two bundles of marijuana, which weighed more than 47 pounds. It took two Ford pickup trucks to haul away the phony carrots, which the CBP estimated were worth nearly a half-million dollars.