Kim Jong-Nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il, has reportedly been killed.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother died Monday after becoming ill at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia, according to Selangor State Criminal Investigations Department Chief Fadzil Ahmat.

Mr Kim, 45, was poisoned by two unidentified female agents, according to South Korean broadcaster TV Chosun.

He said Seoul should "urge the Malaysian government to promptly identify the truth of the case and present it to the global community".

Kim Jong Nam was estranged from his younger brother, the North Korean leader.

"We don't know if there was a cloth or needles; the receptionist said someone grabbed his face, he felt dizzy, " the official said.

As former leader Kim Jong-il's oldest son, Jong-nam has been said to represent an alternative locus of legitimacy - if not power - within North Korea, where rumblings persist that Kim Jong-un's power consolidation project remains incomplete.

Kim Jong-nam had been living overseas for years after apparently falling out of favor with his father for attempting to enter Japan on a fake passport in 2001. There are unsubstantiated reports circulating that Kim Jong Nam may have been attacked.

"Kim Jong Nam was involved in some amusing business", Michael Madden, the editor of the website North Korea Leadership Watch, told the Post. His mother was Song Hye Rim, a North Korean actress who was initially Kim Jong Il's secret mistress.

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The White House - which had declared the raid "a successful operation by all standards" - had no comment Monday on his escape from death.

South Korea's presidential office said it had no plan to convene a National Security Council session as there is no unusual movement in North Korea.

Kang Chul-hwan, leader of the Seoul-based North Korea Strategy Center, said he visited the ICC in The Hague to personally submit documents backing his claim. His online media presence - with appearances on YouTube, Facebook, MySpace and the dating site Asiafind - became an occasional hot topic in South Korean and Japanese news media, TIME reported in 2012.

Speculation and rumors surrounding Kim Jong-nam's killing are rapidly swelling, despite any concrete evidence as to why Jong-nam was killed now.

"I think he represented an alternative path which North Korea might have taken some years ago where some aspects of the Kim family system could have been retained alongside reforms toward a more collective leadership and an actual opening up to the outside world", said Adam Cathcart, a North Korea expert at Leeds University in the United Kingdom.

Since taking power in late 2011, Kim Jong Un has executed or purged a slew of high-level government officials in what the South Korean government has described as a "reign of terror".

In other words, it's probably too early to tell if Kim Jong-nam is alive or dead.

Reuters also cited an unidentified USA government source saying that the US government strongly believes that North Korean agents murdered Kim. It's unclear what positon he has in the North Korean government. The fact that someone saw the need to assassinate him means that Kim Jong Un-or someone close to him-is feeling the noose slip around his neck.

He said the case was classified as sudden death pending the post-mortem report on the cause of death. North Korea has not commented on the issue so far.