The law, which was signed by Cuomo in August, also gives legal guardians the right to rescind a minor's decision to donate her organs if she dies before age 18.

Twenty-five hundred Albertans register every week to become organ and tissue donors, with one donor potentially saving up to eight lives.

Unyts will be rolling out the new law Tuesday at Williamsville South High School where students age 16 or older will have the opportunity to learn about the New York State Donate Life Registry.

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An independent estimate by a construction firm suggests that could easily run to $25 billion given uncertainties in the plan. It also shows the government has begun working with existing contractors and planning steel purchases for the project.

National Donor Day was started back in 1998 and focused on five points of life including: organs, tissues, marrow, platelets, and blood. "Enrollment in the Registry should improve and lives will be saved". It's part of a new law expanding the eligibility age.

Here in Colorado, there are 2,500 people waiting to get a life-saving transplant. The sign-up process takes all of 60 seconds. The state will also unveil a new marketing campaign created to raise awareness of the need for donation and highlight the availability of a wide variety of registration opportunities.

More than 54% of adults in the state are registered organ donors.