"This issue is way bigger than me or even Judge Gorsuch's nomination", Blumenthal told The Associated Press when asked about Trump lashing out at him.

Since a lower-court judge blocked the order last week, Trump has assailed the decision, leading legal experts, Democrats and some Republicans to question whether the president's remarks might jeopardize the independence of the judiciary.

During his meeting with police leaders, Mr Trump also continued his promises to reduce violence in Chicago, saying that "no one in America should be punished" due to their birthplace. Heitkamp and Manchin emerged to speak of a productive meeting that touched on topics including infrastructure and opioid abuse, but they refused to address the awkwardness of sitting by as the president gave a colleague a tongue-lashing. "Anyone who is interested can go back over it". "Where has this outrage been for the last 100 years?" he asked reporters.

Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, has described the u.s. president's attacks on a judge as "demoralising" and "disheartening" but Mr Trump insists the comments have been "misinterpreted".

"I told him how abhorrent Donald Trump's invective and insults are towards the judiciary".

"While he made clear that he was not referring to any specific case, he said that he finds any criticism of a judge's integrity and independence disheartening and demoralizing", former Sen. But Thursday morning, Trump took to Twitter to accuse Blumenthal of "misrepresenting" Gorsuch's sentiments and to resurrect a criticism that the senator had implied at least once that he had served in Vietnam when in fact he had been stateside during the war.

Spicer: Trump has "no regrets" over criticism of judges Trump doubles down on Blumenthal attacks MORE (D-Conn.) to discuss his nomination to the Surpeme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch criticized President Trump's attacks against the federal judiciary.

Some Democratic lawmakers, still miffed that the ninth seat on the court sat empty for a year as former president Barack Obama's nominee could not even win a hearing from the Republican-controlled chamber, have pledged to make things hard.

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In a day of political whiplash, Trump insisted that Democratic Sen.

His response may have been aimed at drawing a line of separation from the new president, who has been a politically polarising figure among Democrats in a highly-charged partisan fight over the court. Trump, in a tweet, referred to the Seattle-based district justice, James Robart, as a "so-called" judge.

"If something happens blame him and court system", Trump wrote in his Twitter rant.

"That's not the first time he's impugned a Republican senator from this chamber", Schumer said of Trump.

The ban initially entrapped visa and green card holders as well as citizens of dual nationality. "People pouring in. Bad!"

The row comes as a federal appeals court in San Francisco considering the travel ban is due to rule in the coming days.

Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT said Gorsuch used the words in a meeting with him Wednesday, an account that was confirmed by other sources, The Washington Post reports.