To celebrate the annual day of love and overpriced heart-shaped decorations, players will get double the amount of candy when hatching, catching or transferring Pokemon and buddy Pokemon will find twice as much candy as well.

The Valentine's Day event kicks off at 11 a.m. PT on February 8 and ends at the same time on February 15.

Most notable is players' flow of incoming candy; it's about to go way up.

Pokémon Go isn't the raging global obsession it once was, but it's still a massive hit - the game continues to rake in exorbitant profits and franchise interest for Niantic and Nintendo alike. The new event is taking place between February 8, 11 AM PST and February 15, 11 AM PST.

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Various pink and adorable Pokémon will become more common too, with Clefable and Chansey specifically name-dropped in the announcement. Also, Cleffa, Igglybuff, and Smoochum will hatch from eggs more often. If you think Lure Modules simply don't last long enough, you will be glad to know that they will now last for six hours throughout the Valentine's Day event.

If you were looking for a good incentive to dive back into the world of Pokemon GO, then Niantic has just given you multiple reasons to do so.

To take note, "Pokemon GO" already had Starbucks and other stores before as stops so it will not be new.

It all stems from the chaos caused by last summer's Pokemon Go launch, which saw several PokeStops removed from areas where a reported increase in people playing the game caused damage to parks.