"I'm not going to the White House", McCourty told Time.

Her message is particularly pointed at those who conveniently forgot that Patriots QB Tom Brady snubbed President Obama when the team visited the White House in January 2015. He has made key plays in each of their last two Super Bowl victories, including a strip sack Sunday that sparked the Patriots' historic comeback. "Just follow me on Twitter".

Patriots running back James White, who scored three touchdowns in the Super Bowl, said he is also considering sitting out the event. "I'm not going to go".

It was also the first time the big game had run into overtime.

Trump threatens to cut UC Berkeley funds over Milo cancellation
An estimated 500 people gathered, holding signs that say "Hate Speech Is Not Free Speech" and pledging to shut down the event. The university called off the event after masked protesters set fires and began throwing rocks through windows on the campus.

And I can not in good conscience, although we won this as a team ― and I would love to share in this moment as a team ― I can not in good conscience go. "If they go, I'm not going to be upset with them or not upset with them".

Bennett and McCourty are now the only two members of the team to say they will not meet the president.

"It is what it is", Bennett said in his postgame interview. "With the president having so many strong opinions and prejudices, I believe certain people might feel accepted there while other won't". "I want to be on the side of history that's positive, that's bringing people together".

Linebacker Dont'a Hightower won't be taking a trip to the White House, but the far more interesting question of his offseason is whether he will be leaving New England. Bennett has been notoriously outspoken about Trump, joking he might move to outer space after Trump was elected.