Whether he was on his son's side throughout, or he had a genuine gharwapasi, what is clear by now is that Mulayam Singh Yadav is no longer the most important leader in the Samajwadi Party. "Now leave it - there will be no new party". He may have said that in anger. "I will campaign [for the alliance] from tomorrow".

Talking to reporters outside Parliament, he claimed that the SP will win the polls and Akhilesh will again become the Chief Minister. He further responded to the attack asserting that the country should be saved from Amit Shah and Modi."If we have to save the country we have to save it from the politicians whose names start with A and M", he said while addressing a rally in the Auraiya district of Uttar Pradesh.

For virtually all of last year, Mulayam Singh and Shivpal Yadav ganged up on the 43-year-old Chief Minister with unflagging gusto, working to undermine his decisions and to establish that when the time came to finalize the party's strategy for re-election, it was their methods that would serve as the playbook. However, Mr. Dharmendra Yadav represented the party at the all-party meeting called by the Speaker before the Budget session.

Mulayam Singh Yadav had earlier rejected the alliance between the SP and the Congress and said that will not campaign for them as he believes that SP is capable enough to fight alone.

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Targeting BSP and BJP, he said, " Mayawati gave 100 tickets to muslim candidates to divide the votes, which will favour both BJP and BSP as the two want to form coalition government".

"No one got Rs 15 lakh after all the money was deposited into bank accounts (during the demonetisation drive)". The SP patriarch had refused to campaign for the alliance in the state. He [Shivpal Yadav] has not spoken to me or anyone in the party.

"My relation with Netaji is unbreakable; sometimes the circumstances compel us to take certain decisions; fighting the conspiracies within the party had become my compulsion".