Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Saturday returned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's SCAM jibe, saying that "A" and 'M in the acronym stand for BJP President Amit Shah and Modi. However, I have not been able to repay my debt.

"But for the development to happen, you will have to remove the state governments that scuttle development". "If he would have been remained in Gujarat, Modi ji would have never become the PM", he said during a rally in poll-bound Uttar Pradesh. Modi said. The PM urged the voters to defeat parties involved in graft and leaders who promoted caste and vote-bank politics. The PM said. "For us, this election is a battle against SCAM which stands for Samajwadi, Congress, Akhilesh and Mayawati". "Raaton raat, aisa kya ho gaya (What changed overnight)?" And now, they have taken a U turn and embraced each other. They are sitting on each other's shoulders to help each other.

"The budget has just been passed, what did the poor and women got from it", he said, adding the PM has an obligation to tell the people how much black money he had brought back.

Referring to Modi's decision to fight election from Varanasi, Akhilesh Yadav said that he (Modi), did so as he was not sure of winning from Gujarat. "Those who filled rooms with currency notes collected by selling party tickets are very anguished as I forced them to deposit their money in banks. They will kick up a storm because Modi has robbed them". "I will not let the robbers rest".

NYC Bodegas, Delis Go on Strike in Protest of Immigration Ban
Some of the bodega owners are American citizens, like Mr Alshabbi. "We have nowhere else to go", Mr Alshabbi told Buzzfeed . The program will begin with the Muslim call for prayer and a public sundown prayer by Muslim rally participants.

He said his BJP is fighting against the SCAM. "Now countries across the world are studying as to how Indian forces did such an operation on Pakistani soil".

He reiterated the party's promise to waive loans of small and marginal farmers and to pay the dues of sugarcane growers within 14 days of coming to power.

He said the PM should take back remarks that the Indian Army had carried out surgical strikes in Pakistan territory a year ago as instead it had taken place in PoK.