Collective revenue for the parks was $3.6 million between their re-opening on December 10 through to December 31.

Movie World, Australia's leading entertainment based tourist attraction, is part of Village Roadshow Limited (VRL), Australia's largest theme park operator.

In October 2016, a deadly accident Dreamworld theme park owned by Ardent Leisure Group killed four people on a river rapids ride.

It is not the first time a major ride at Movie World has suffered a major malfunction.

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Emergency crews were called to the Arkham Asylum rollercoaster around 12pm and removed about 20 people, mostly teenagers and children, trapped on the ride using a telescopic ladder platform - or cherry picker.

Ambulance officers were on standby at the scene but there were no reports of injuries. The 32 metre high ride opened in 2012, and is said to be the "first of its kind in the world".

In November, the ride was cleared following a safety audit of Warner Bros Movie World. The accident was so scary that it was ranked among the world's deadliest theme park accidents.

The Arkham Asylum rollercoaster travels at speeds of up to 85kmh and includes five "stomach-churning inversions", according to Movie World's website.