"We made that decision", Ford said shortly after Ford's presentation at the Detroit Auto Show.

Despite this precedent, German carmaker BMW has told the BBC that it is "absolutely" committed to its new $1bn plant in Mexico.

"I think the power here lies with the USA companies lobbying the Trump administration and saying: wait a minute, there's about 5 million jobs in the United States riding on this relationship with Mexico, and if we increase tariffs or walk out of NAFTA, those jobs will be at stake". Toyota said it would invest $10 billion over the next five years in USA operations. The work that has moved to Mexico - and continues to move to Mexico - is assembling smaller cars that don't turn as large of a profit and have fallen out of favor with American vehicle buyers. In recent days, he has fired off 140-character missives that commend or criticize companies - sometimes getting the facts wrong - depending on whether they plan to build cars in the USA or Mexico.

Among the abundant and endless evidentiary items provided by Trump himself is his Twitter account's postings that clearly use extortion to coerce auto manufacturers to re-domicile in the USA, and try and force foreign manufacturers into building production in the United States. Overall, she said of Trump, "we have much more in common" than areas of disagreement.

Marchionne said Monday that the decision to retool factories in OH and MI to build new Jeep sport utility vehicles, including a pickup truck, "was in the works and has been in the works for a long period of time".

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Marchionne wanted to get out the news about adding jobs and investment in the United States in case the company encountered more criticism from Trump, a person familiar with the situation said on Sunday. Now, let's take a look how some automakers managed to avoid Trump's scanner. Trump campaigned on the argument that trade agreements, and specifically NAFTA, have led to the loss of hundreds of thousands, perhaps, millions of American manufacturing jobs. "If the United States market were not to be there, the reasons for its existence are on the line", he said. But Bill Ford bristled when asked if Trump is affecting Ford's production plans.

The U.S. statutory corporate tax rate is 35% - one of the highest in the world - yet most American companies pay far lower effective tax rates due to various deductions and loopholes in the tax code. It followed him threatening General Motors Co. with a "big border tax" on Chevy Cruze cars built in Mexico and imported for sale in the United States. "We made that decision and we'll always make the right business decisions for Ford", he said.

Trump has also turned his attention toward General Motoros with the threat of a "big border tax" over compact cars being made in Mexico.

"Everybody in this industry is kind of realizing simultaneously [Trump] could be quite good for us", said Joseph Hinrichs, Ford's president of the Americas.