According to federal officials, Amazonas state officials knew of plans of a mass escape days before the massacre.

Three other facilities in Amazonas state saw rioting on Sunday and Monday, and 184 inmates escaped, according to Gov. Jose Melo, The Associated Press reported.

Brazil's government is relocating gang bosses tied to a weekend prison riot that left 56 inmates dead and is the country's deadliest in almost 25 years. Authorities had previously said around 60 were dead. "What shocked us was the aggressive way it was done".

Most of the assassinations in prisons occur in the Northeast region, where 182 cases were recorded -the state of CearĂ¡, with 48 cases registered in 2016, is at the top of the ranking of Brazilian states.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, dozens of people stood outside the coroner's office in Manaus to find if their relatives were among the dead.

"There is a silent war of drug trafficking, and the state needs to intervene", Fontes said.

"It's about profit", she told Al Jazeera on Monday.

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The violence began on Sunday and ended 17 hours later.

In what is believed to be the grisliest incident in the country's penitentiary system since 1992, several bodies were beheaded, dismembered, and thrown over the fence of the prison in the city of Manaus, Security Chief for Amazonas State Sergio Fontes told reporters at a presser.

The governor also announced a public-private partnership to invest $30 million in a new penitentiary with capacity of 3,600 inmates to address the overcrowding.

Valois said that during the negotiations at Anisio Jobim, inmates asked only "that we did not transfer them, made sure they were not attacked and kept their visitation" rights.

Secretary Fontes said that the old prison "was the only solution available to the state to stop another massive killing". This news story is related to Print/176567-Brazil-prison-riot-leaders-to-be-transferred/ - breaking news, latest news, pakistan ne.

"There still needs to be a better separation of risky and not as unsafe inmates".

Netizens poking fun at the photos turned them into memes and film poster spoofs but despite social media poking fun at Bremer, Brazilian police are eager to recapture him and the other inmates who escaped from the jail.