The upcoming film also revives numerous old movie's beloved scenes, such as the ballroom scene in which Belle, in her iconic yellow gown, dances with the Beast to a newer version of the movie's theme song.

Emma Watson's vocal debut as Belle in "Beauty and the Beast" has arrived to glowing reviews.

If the young woman had pushed the ditty in Noah, this time it gives back and recognize good accent so British, producer Jack Morrisey himself has confirmed that it was indeed the voice of 'actress. For example, the trailer was nearly identical to the original and we were happy to see that Belle won't be donning the extremely tight corset she did in the cartoon.

Want a refresher of what the original song sounds like?

"Something There" is one of the many songs from the classic 1991 animated original that will be used in the new Disney live-action version.

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This is every Beauty & The Beast fan's dream come true.

Fans were quick to praise the audio, as one wrote: "Just listened to what I hope is @EmmaWatson singing as Belle in #BeautyAndTheBeast".

In it, Watson croons some familiar lines from the song "Something There" where Belle realizes that her Beast-while not stereotypically handsome-has some characteristics (not to mention a library groaning with books) that appeal to her.

Emma Watson and Kevin Kline in a scene from 'Beauty and the Beast, ' which will hit cinemas on March 2017.

"I think that if I were producing that movie, Emma Watson would've been my first choice for Belle", she said.