Apart from stocking goods, the airships would also be housing fleet of drones for delivering the delivery products. From its "airborne fulfillment centers" hovering near the stadium, Amazon would dispatch a drone with your purchase. The airship would be unmanned, massive, and fly at an altitude of around 45,000 feet. The filing for the AFC is just one of the many steps Amazon has taken to enable drone delivery.

In a patent filed with the USPTO, Amazon reveals its plans to develop an "airborne fulfillment center" for its future delivery drones.

Amazon has also filed a patent to protect their UAVs while out and about.

The patent filing also details an advanced network of systems created to make drone deliveries simpler and more efficient, maximizing the potential of the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Amazon successfully completed its first drone delivery in the United Kingdom earlier this month.

According to CNBC, these giant airships would float at around 45,000ft with drones flying down to deliver packages. The warehouses would also be mobile, allowing Amazon to easily shift position depending on consumer demand.

And Amazon isn't the only logistics company to come up with seemingly outlandish ideas to reduce delivery times.

The airborne fulfillment centers can have a number of uses cases.

If a drone is stuck with a rock gun or even an arrow the device will employ'a protective device such as an airbag foam parachute bumper and so forth.'The foam may be designed to coat or cover at least a portion of one or more surfaces of the UAV

So, we see here that a huge AFC or mother-blimp would be stationed at a certain altitude and then smaller UAV's would transport ordered items to point of delivery.

One of the company's aircraft delivered an Amazon Fire TV and some popcorn to a user in Cambridgeshire, dropping off the package directly to their door.

This new AFC concept could serve as a boon for logistics handling, but when it might happen is still unclear.

"An AFC may navigate to an area based on various positioning factors".

Last week, Amazon received a patent on technology that would prevent its drones from being shot out of the sky.

Amazon has not responded to a request for comment about the patent.

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