That's why, and to somewhat calm your fears about the driverless technology, here's a dashcam footage of a Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) Model X autopilot function predicting a highway collision before it actually happens.

Incidentally, we've seen quite a few examples of Tesla's Autopilot software preventing accidents over the past few months, including this video from July.

In the video, which was shared online by Twitter user Hans Noordsij, you can see traffic moving along at a brisk pace on a two-lane highway. In that update, radar functionality was added and has the ability to see ahead of the vehicle in front of you, and track it, as well as the auto directly in front. Tesla's latest cars, for instance, use an updated suite of sensors - known in owner parlance as "AP2" versus the original "AP1" system - which significantly increases the number, and range, or radar, sonar, and camera vision systems on the cars. It warns the driver of an impending collision and reacts with time to spare, as another auto darts ahead and crashes.The wreck is pretty grizzly, with the first vehicle flipping and rolling several times, but Hans Noordsij, the Twitter user who posted the video, said no one was seriously injured.

When the data shows that false braking events would be rare, the auto will begin mild braking using radar, even if the camera doesn't notice the object ahead.

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The Forward Collision Warning on the Tesla beeps, and the emergency braking system kicks in. It's a major collision too, causing the SUV to roll over almost twice before coming to a rest on its side.

Indeed, Tesla's Autopilot radar system will further improve the more it is used. Behold one of the most wonderful videos we've seen so far of how a Tesla Model S autopilot works as reported by CNBC.

When Tesla rolled out the Autopilot version 8.0 software update to its customers in September, it gave them a new radar processing capability for the system to visualize and track up to two cars ahead of itself on the road. "The vehicle in front might hit [an object] in dense fog, but the Tesla will not". The system also applied the brake to keep the Tesla safely clear of the collision up ahead.